Utakata Hanabi

Utakata Hanabi
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


YES!!! Project Work is finally over!! Hahas, well I guess there's a major delay coz' it's over since last Thursday. That means I'm finally free from that hell!! Anyways, apologies again for not posting after the end of my PW journey, marked by the completion of the Oral Presentation and the Group Project File. School returns tomorrow for a lecture-only timetable (which is gonna be boring), and by the end of next week, we are headed for the much-coveted December holidays!! I can't wait!

I didn't post right after the completion of PW is mainly due to the fact that I had a pimple infection (I think) and was feeling unwell so I went to see a doctor which costs a bomb and to recuperate at home. Well then that being said, this is gonna be just another update post, and the more serious ones are gonna come real soon. Trust me, I'm prophetic.

Anyways, after looking at my previous post, I realised that I've made a terrible mistake for NOT mentioning something very significant that had happened. Remember about the 4 Houses in Innova Junior College? They're Sagittarius, Taurus, Aquila and Rasalas. I'm from Aquila house if you all didn't see my previous posts or don't know me. And guess what? We are the CHAMPION HOUSE OF 2012!!!! That's something worth celebrating since Aquila has broken Taurus' streak of winning the Champion House trophy since the creation of this college. With all our combined efforts all the way since our House-Excos led the way by winning last years' racial harmony event, to this year's orientation, to the Math competition, to sports day and so on, we Aquila house definitely deserved to be crowned champions!! It's an amazing feat and a huge honour! I'm so happy for the House and so grateful for what our previous House-Excos had done for the House! Thank you all!!

Moving on, our principal Mrs. Chia is departing the college at the the end of this year. That tallies to a total of three principals change I experienced in primary school, secondary school and junior college respectively. Wow, and there are more impressive statistics out there regarding number of principals changes students had experienced. I mean seriously, why are principals getting switched all the time? If they are doing a bad job and the school/college is declining rapidly in terms of results and conduct then maybe a change is required but if a principal is doing an adequate job or even better, then why the change? It's not gonna be completely positive towards to the current batch of students unless we hit jackpot and had gotten a far more awesome principal, which is gonna be highly unlikely in these times. Anyways, I don't really know Mrs. Chia personally and it's only been a year but I do recognise her attitude and effort put into us students especially towards our seniors' batch, so I have to give her the respect she deserves. I still remember there was once when our class was making noise in our classroom waiting for our 'new' GP teacher to make his appearance and she heard the noise. No need for me to explain what happened I suppose. Yup, and a few other troubles we unintentionally 'created' caught her attention and made her closely study our class (unsure if this is true or not though), and I'd say for a principal, it's freaking annoying but she is doing her job. So I guess it's goodbye and all the best for her future endeavours. And hopefully our next principal is not gonna be an asshole.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Finally Back

After yet another hiatus, I suppose I should post something again here in this blog before it gets dead. So I decided to just post some updates from my recent 'adventures', until I'm completely free from that hell of a subject then I'll write something serious and lengthy again.

Seriously, I always get the urge to post something here but the damned Project Work either denied almost all the leisure time I have or drained my energy to even think. After painfully completing that "accursed document" (a term by our form teacher) called Written Report, and finally submitting it, we have yet another tall wall to climb. Something called the Oral Presentation. Poly dudes prolly would find this no-kick since they have prolly done it multiple times their previous semester if I'm not wrong, but this is the first time a JC kid like me is doing it for this year. We are supposed to present our project to a panel of assessors from our school, and it apparently holds a high percentage in our overall score for the subject, which means that it's VERY crucial. And the preparations is killing me.

Well, here's another update. And for once, it's good news. I've finished the Chinese A-Level Examinations as of... about 10 hours back. That means that I (hopefully) don't have to do any more of those bloody annoying Chinese assignments, practices, compositions etc. No more. I guess I'm finally free from that leech that keeps sticking itself on me no matter how I peel it off. Hope I get my A grade and free myself from that trap.

I suppose I'll end here for now since I still got work to be done but don't worry I guess I will return here soon after my Oral Presentation assessment which is the time I celebrate! I still have stuff to post here after my recent experiences and encounters that made me gave some thought on some matters. That's IF I still can remember them even after my Oral Presentation. So yes, I'm finally back but maybe I'm not completely back yet. Until OP's over, I'll save them for next time in our future... umm... discussions... Will be back soon!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


“Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.” - Henry Clay

I've said that I would begin to post again after the end of my promotion examinations, which is just a week back so here I am. Well, it's been a week becoz' I still got lotsa stuff to catch up on and I get tired more easily than ever. When I get back from school, there's a 60% chance that I'll just shower and just drop dead on my bed for a lengthy nap. Sigh, the end of my promos doesn't necessarily mean the end of the stress I get from education for this year since there's still some stuff to cover, especially the hellish subject of Project Work and the troublesome Mother Tongue A-Level examination which is coming soon too. I still gotta attend school to deal with mainly these two subjects which will be assessed very soon and also to cover more topics on the my other subjects to get a head-start for next year's syllabus. Yup, though we rest a bit easier now, we can't afford to let our guard down. 

Anyways, I want to write something I've been noticing for the past couple of years, which is about the courtesy of people to others, especially strangers. Y'know, I've seen many including several of my close friends who did not even say a word of thanks to the person serving them, be it the waiter at a restaurant, the cashier who sold us the movie tickets, or even the one who pressed the 'open' button in the lift so that we can get onto it. Ya, you may think this kinda stuff are microscopic, insignificant, and redundant... But I sure don't think so. I think it makes a difference, however small it is. Sometimes just a simple word of thanks accompanied by a smile may just make all the difference in the world for a particular person. You never know. It could be that the person is having a real bad day and he/she may be frustrated, annoyed, not feeling well and all that crap... then there comes this other dude who he/she is serving, saying a sincere word of thanks with a smile (works best if it's a pretty girl with a great eye-smile, you know what I mean?) and it may just brighten the person's day. Sure, it's a small gesture and it's not even compulsory, but it can mean a lot, especially if it's sincere.

But it has become a trend where pleasantries and courtesy get ousted outta people's priority. We have become so self-centered. To put it in a very technical way, we desire things or services that satisfy us and nothing else. If it doesn't satisfy us, be it the food, the product, the service etc, we don't really give a hoot about pleasantries and courtesy to the person who's serving us. Sounds familiar? It seems as though our selfishness have come until a point whereby it's always us-first and everything else last. Maybe everything else does not even hold any priority in our minds.

However, I suppose there's still hope. Though I continue to remain sceptical to some extent, I still believe that there are still people who still continue to behave in a more civilised behaviour. Just about a week back when I went to play basketball on my own, I met two Malay kids playing basketball as well. Though small-sized, they seemed to have a passion for the sport. Well, I was just shooting some hoops to cool down then my ball always have to hit the rim and fly somewhere far from me. Both these two kids stopped their dribbling and shooting, threw their own basketballs away just to chase after mine and passed it back to me. Frankly I was slightly amused. "Wow, these two kids sure are helpful." I did the exact same thing by helping them retrieve their basketballs as well, and for once I felt that maybe our generation and the next generation may not be so bad after all. It may be a simple gesture, but it's something I don't see often anymore. Not with most of the other basketball players around my age(strangers I mean). 

Courtesy can be something so subtle yet defining at the same time. One can surely tell how grown and nurtured a person can be just by listening to how he/she say "Thank You" and "You're Welcome". So remember, don't let our hectic lifestyle take away the values that define us as a civilisation. It is something that is bestowed to everyone. Life is not so short that you'll have to skip all the "Thank You"s and "You're Welcome"s. 

Alright then, so I shall end this by a... umm... Thank You. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Personal Favorite Running Man Member Ranking List

"Is this what they call love?" "When you have it, it's a burden, without it, you're lonely" - Kang Gary

Although I said I will only be back after my promotion exams, I guess I can't help but to make one post on one of my favourite variety show of all-time, Running Man!! Hey, I spent like I think more than 4 hours to make this man... This shows my love for this ever-entertaining show that has become part of my life.

Heh, I really love this variety show. And here's my personal ranking list of my favourite RM member! No questions, I love them all and glad that they are all in the show!

7. Kim Jong Kook
Yes Sparta Kooks, The Commander, the strongest Running Man of all time, the best detective (though he and I are comparable), and the muscle-man, having both brawns and brain. However, he seemed like a petty guy sometimes, who will do anything, including scolding his team-mates to win ultimately, which kinda irritate me sometimes, even if its scripted or whatever. Otherwise he's a pivotal character in this show and the worthy rival of Yooruce Willis. He seems like a great guy to me too! I don't really hate him, but well, give the other members some chance to win please~??

6. Ji Suk Jin
Big Nose Hyungnim~!! He's definitely one of the most entertaining one even though he's the weakest! I'd love to see him take the role of the Co-MC with Jae Suk as these two are the most experienced in MC-ing. I also wish that one day he can win an individual race all by himself (maybe have another TruGary Show, but this time it's Suk Jin). I tried to search for his "I swear~" GIF but can't find it :( Anyways gotta love his FEEL! TOUCH! CROSS! relationship with Gwang Soo! I actually searched about him and found out that he's a host in Star Golden Bell in the past and he's really a great host, and seem like someone who you can easily communicate with! Really, I wished this hyung is my dad hahas!! Suk Jin fighting! You can win someday!! Ji Suk Jin OUT!!! XP
This really suit you!!

5. Kang Gary

flailing gary 〜( ̄__ ̄〜)  (〜 ̄__ ̄)〜
AH STRESS!!! Hahas, this is Kang Gary a.k.a one half of the Monday Couple a.k.a Go-Straight Gary!! The unbeatable innocence, "blurriness", EPICNESS and his awkward lying is definitely ONE OF A KIND!! He can just simply make us all laugh without doing anything intentionally! I really love his Monday Couple relationship with Blank Ji Hyo but too bad Miss Blank got attached T.T Oh right, when the news came when Gary said that he's taking a hiatus from variety shows and possibly leaving RM, I finally realised how much his presence mean to me and the show when I began to imagine his absence. Really, not a member of RM should leave, I'll really tear up. They all seemed like a family already. No matter what, I'll love RM and Gary's music and his uniquely cute and quirky personality! Gary fighting!! AND LONG LIVE MONDAY COUPLE!!
Not once I felt that he's ugly. He looks like such a cool and fun buddy to be with...

4. Song Ji Hyo
Yup, Mong Ji Hyo~!!! The other half of the Monday Couple!! Miss Blank herself is the Ace of Running Man! Being the only girl in this crazy, fun-filled ride of RM, she definitely plays as hard (or harder) than either of the men. Without doubt, the most 'handsome' of the bunch LOL!! I'd love to have her in my team... If she's not overbearing and harsh and violent on me! Ji Hyo Fighting!!
And yes I admit, she's very pretty... at someone her age LOL!! Forgive me!!! Sorry~!

3. Lee Gwang Soo
HAHAHAHA!! Gwangvatar, the Icon of Betrayal and Giraffe of RM. Gwang Soo is prolly the funniest guy in RM. Seriously, I'd rather die than to watch RM without him. He has definitely the most funny moments in the entire RM series especially when he screws up or when people bully him, and I'm too lazy to find all his funny GIFs... I pity him though hahas!! I can never have enough of his Giraffe-Tiger relationship with Jong Kook when he succeeds in annoying the mighty Commander (resulting in Jong Kook's all-out retaliation and revenge) XP!! When you look closely, he's someone who puts in lots of effort and dedication to this show, as you can see from all the episodes. His energy, willpower and hard work earned him the recognition of faithful fans and viewers as well as RM members, especially Jong Kook hyung. He even won the best newcomer award in the SBS awards in 2011 if I'm not wrong, which shows this recognition earned. I think he's certainly very talented and he can actually sing and perform if he set his mind on it! I watched him played piano on his new drama with Joong Ki. Sure doesn't look like a guy you wanna mess with outside of RM. Anyways, his tolerance and big heart to take his supposedly weak and easily bullied character in his stride really earned my respect for him, hence he's in my top 3. Nothing but respect and love for this guy. Gwang Soo FIGHTING~!!
Yes you really earned it dude. #Respect
Though I think it's best for you to stop betraying THAT much HAHAS!! You gotta improve on your dance skills too!!

2. HaHa (Ha Dong Hoon)
HARORO~!! "PLEASE BE MY LAST LOVE!!!" Hahas, this flirtatious Ha Dong Hoon never fails to crack me up each time. Be it a spy mission, a fantasy movie filming, trying to pick up ALL the female guest, his 'split' personality or just a normal gag, he is one that I'll naturally laugh at. His outgoing personality is perfect for such a variety show and all his gags are so funny!! In the games, he is also very skilful and already established himself as one of the best players of RM and definitely the best spy among all members. Though he gonna get married soon and I don't think he can fool around with female guests anymore T.T but I can always count on him to make my day anytime I watch a RM episode. Let Byul be really your LAST LAST LOVE~!! HaHa Fighting!!! 
P.S. his "cuteness" prolly comes from his Pororo image and his... shortness ROFL!!

1..... *DRUM ROLLS........*
Yoo Jae Suk!!!

He s really feeling the music lmao
Yooruce Willis a.k.a Grasshopper a.k.a Yoo Hyuk a.k.a Yoomes Bond!!! Heh, I don't even know how to start for this one. I have started to support and like Yoo Jae Suk since I watched the first few episodes when he was always in the Mission team against Kim Jong Kook's Chasing team. Even though at the start he is always quickly eliminated with the rest of the Jail Regular Trio (with Suk Jin and Gwang Soo), and always running away from the chasing team, I started to like him becoz' of his escaping skills of Yooruce Willis and his ever-cheerful and fun attitude which always make the show very entertaining. No doubt he's one of the best hosts ever.  But I only began to silently support him and hope that he wins and eventually come to love him as my favourite RM member since his unbelievable triumph in episode 12(with the handy assistance of his personal VJ Kwon Ryul though), and his honesty in episode 20. Since then I became a great fan of his and would always pray that he would walk out of the show victorious in each episode. He also holds the highest records for undertaking the most punishments in Running Man!!! His epic rivalry with Jong Kook is also a main reason why I placed Jong Kook last in my ranking!! Anyways, he is a great man and host and I really wish that he would remain the same, always lightening up the mood and making the audience laugh. If I'm a woman near his age, I'd marry him. Really. Thank you for making RM such a fun and addictive show. Jae Suk Fighting!!!!!

OMG I never knew he took a picture with Tiffany!!! Ah... My first love... <3

Anyways I rushed through all this in the middle of the night where I should be sleeping so I'm getting a bit sleepy and all that... But I want you all to know that I truly loved each and every member of RM, even Joong Ki (I wish he can come back!!) and this ranking list is personal and for fun. Also all these GIFs do not belong to me. 
I love you all Running Man family!! Please continue to entertain us audience!! RUNNING MAN FIGHTING!!!
Ending with my fave quote from Yoomes Bond: